To provide a strong platform for Malayalee nurses and other medical professionals to raise their concerns and protect their interests in professional matters where Unions fail to meet their expectations or aspirations.
To empower them by providing them knowledge and skills through training , work shops , seminars etc to further their career / professional development , going beyond what are being provided now by the employers.

To react strongly against work place harassments, victimisations, discriminations and bullying on the grounds of colour and race and extend support to victims. There is no denying the fact that these happen in the work place and we are more keen to overlook this dreadful state of affairs and live in a pseudo comfort zone of make belief.
To support and provide assistance to those who are facing disciplinary proceedings. Again , the fact remains that the Unions largely fail to meet our expectations / needs, especially due to constraints of time.

To intervene wherever possible and within the remit, and provide legal assistance if feasible and practical, in cases of disciplinary proceedings and other legal matters. Those who have the misfortune to taste it knows very well that the ‘ legal cost’ is astronomical and beyond the reach of the ordinary .
To develop indemnity schemes (only in the embryonic stage, details yet to work out).

To create awareness and undertake campaigns on general and specific topics among targeted groups of Malayalees in common interest.

To evolve as a pressure group to raise our professional concerns and problems at the national level and take them up with the authorities with collective strength and might.