We are glad to announce the names of the first round winners of Maths Challenge 2018. The following students have scored 80 or above marks to secure their place in the first round- Congratulations!

The Challenge has been widely accepted as a great success due to the overwhelming reception and popularity it attracted from UUKMA members across the length and breadth of the country. Thanks to everyone who registered and took part in it. A total of 748 students participated in the Challenge from over 1000 registrations we received.

There will be more opportunities in the near future for those who couldn’t make it to this list as we are planning to conduct another Maths Challenge in 6 months time. So ther’s still time to be a winner!

Student Name Year Town UUKMA Region
M Amaan 5 Harrow London
Isaac Johnson 5 Gloucester South West
Hrishikesh Sidharthan 9 Benfleet East Anglia
Sandra Binil 7 Sheffield Yorkshire And Humber
Subil Philip 9 Liverpool North West
Adheena George 7 Sm3 South East
Noyal Joseph 4 Liverpool North West
Leo Prakash 3 London London
Lovin Jose 7 Greenford South East
Aahil Biju 4 Gloucester South West
Shradha Unnithan 3 Croydon South East
Mark Thomas 9 Gloucester South West
Abhinav Jyothish 5 Buckingham London
Mariya Kappen 7 Worcester Midlands
Aaron Saji Chacko 5 Greenford South East
Sabin Philip 7 Liverpool North West
Evan Siju Thomas 5 Chatham South East
Rachel George 8 Sale North West
Aidan Mathew 3 Coventry Midlands
Nohan Alias 9 Macclesfield Midlands
Athena Antony 5 Prenton North West
Alana D’souza 4 Tunbridge Wells South East
Amith Thomas 9 Gillingham South East
Jacob Binil 3 Sheffield Yorkshire And Humber
Ashika Giby 7 Southampton South East
Aadish Praveen 6 Hounslow London
Nobel George 6 Canterbury South East
Nigel Jacob 8 Chelmsford East Anglia
Steve Muringatheri 3 Hounslow London
Aradhya Menon 5 Smethwick Midlands
Neha Kathpalia 5 Poole South East
Ashin Jinu 4 Coventry Midlands
Alan Rinosh 4 Essex East Anglia
Leon Cyril 4 Bilston Midlands
Joshua Saji Chacko 3 Greenford South East
Hannah Abraham 3 Aylesbury South West
Joseph Jojoe 8 Southampton South East
Kessia Maria John 7 Southall London
Mishelin Mohan 4 Portsmouth South East
Anna Kottoor 3 Martock South West
Rojel Varghese 9 Scunthorpe North East And Scotland
Ethan Varghese 9 Not Available Not Available
Hrishikesh Narayanan 4 Birmingham Midlands
Keziah Jayan 3 Leeds North West
Joel Joseph 8 Birmingham Midlands
Austin Joseph 3 Sheffield Yorkshire And Humber
Aldric Sebin Jijo 3 Ipswich East Anglia
Edwin Joe Jaggy 4 Bristol South West
Dennis Thomas 4 Birmingham Midlands
Jeffrey Thomas 6 Birmingham Midlands
Joel Biju 8 Penarth Wales
Smithanivas Smitha 6 Coventry Midlands
Jonathan Varghese’s 5 Not Available Not Available
Nobin Kochuparambil Sunil 4 Paisley North East And Scotland
Philip Jayan Peter 5 Leamington Spa Midlands
Aditya Sreekumar 8 Cheltenham South West
Felix Mathew 3 Not Available North West
Parvathi Suresh Nair 3 Warrington North West
Libin Prakash 5 London London
Jeron Justin 3 Redditch Midlands
Jais Jojo 5 Canterbury South East
Amiel Pulithara 4 Birmingham Midlands
Naomi Jacob 6 Chelmsford East Anglia
Alina Shibu 9 Oxford South West
Pavin Benoy 6 Not Available East Anglia
Max Mathew Kavumpuram 5 Not Available South East
Vivek Gupta 3 Cheltenham South West
Rishikesh Namboodiri 11 Leeds North West
Grace Mary Jomon 3 Aylesbury South West
Gauri Sidharthan 5 Benfleet East Anglia
John Saji 11 Cambridge East Anglia
Nynesha Menon 5 Brentwood East Anglia
Hrithik Vijaykumar 7 Colchester East Anglia
Tia Jacob 9 Upton North West
Alan Francis 5 Camberley South East
Nivedya Sunilkumar Edathadan 3 Croydon South East
Amilyn Anil 5 Huddersfield Yorkshire And Humber
Sara Hans Vakkeparampil 5 Leeds North West
Angelo Twinkle 3 Henfield South East
Krishna Nair 6 Smethwick Midlands
Aditya Krishna 5 Sheffield Yorkshire And Humber
Tony Alocious 8 Luton East Anglia
Aaron Dsouza 7 Tunbridge Wells South East
Ryan Sumith 3 Not Available North West
Joshua Sebastian 3 Salisbury South West
Aiden Mathew Jijo 3 Ipswich East Anglia
William George 7 Bromsgrove Midlands
Diya Nair 7 Sale North West
Antony Thomas 6 Bristol South West
Ganpat Mahendran 5 Benfleet East Anglia
Joyal Joseph 9 Manchester North West
Riya Romy 8 Dorchester South West
Neil Justine 5 Sheffield Yorkshire And Humber
Jiya Harikumar 4 Grantham Midlands
Joash Johnson 8 Sutton Coldfield Midlands

The winners will be selected from a second round of Challenge which will be conducted under very strict and controlled conditions- either in a class room or through an online test with video recording using webcam to monitor and rule out any external influence. More details about the second round will be informed soon.